Big Heart, Small Budget, Roof

One thing I’ve always loved about Pura Vida Missions is that it isn’t flashy. We’ve never had a big budget with fancy lights and a killer band, but we’ve got a big heart! You know what I’m talking about (seen a lot of flashy ministries with no heart). We never give up and we never give in and miraculously God always supplies our needs. Would it be nice to get that big $200,000 donation to kick start the dreams we have (a leadership school, building expansion for more classrooms, 2nd mission site, more Tico staff to disciple more children, sponsor 500 more children…)? You bet.

By the way, if God moves you to write that check or a portion of it you can donate here

Even if that big donation doesn’t come in we will stay faithful to what God is calling us to do and He will supply all our needs. He promises that much.

Case in point: We’ve been helping to build a church in a really poor area called Linda Vista. Bit by bit, small donation by small donation, and team by team we’ve been plugging away for 2+ years to build the church and the soup kitchen. A few weeks ago, we finished the soup kitchen walls and yesterday we finished the roof. If God calls us to do it we trust that He will supply our needs and Pura Vida Missions will continue to be faithful. – ARR

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