What is Sacrificial Giving?

Do you every ask yourself what sacrificial giving is? No one can answer that question for you. Only you can answer that question. However, most of us do not typically give sacrificially. This is not a condemnation it is simply an observation. Most of us drop $20, $50 without even batting an eye. We don’t think twice. We don’t break a sweat. We never miss it.

If a family of 4 goes to dinner and a movie and gets popcorn and drinks they will easily spend $130 for ONE evening. If you donate $130 to sponsor a teenager in Costa Rica for the Epic event you can help change a life forever.

There’s nothing wrong with going out to dinner and a movie with your family. Don’t ever let anyone tell you there is. But what if we prioritized our giving a little more? Targeted it towards doing something special for someone else? What if we skipped one evening of dining out and the movie theater and instead made dinner at home and rented a movie?

What if you took the money you saved this week by staying home and donated it to changing a life? While your at dinner with your family around the dining table pray for our EPIC retreat.

I don’t know if this is sacrificial giving but it is a step in the right direction.

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